Named patient supply

We provide worldwide access to high-quality pharmaceutical products that are not available in your own country, supported with ethics and human quality, supported by a specialized team that ensures operational excellence.

All over the world, there are patients who do not have access to medicines, either due to their high market value or their lack of coverage. However, they are not the only ones who have these problems. Health professionals may not be able to find them in their own country even if the patient were covered. Adequate therapy may not be available locally, so other available treatments are sometimes used, producing only a small improvement in the patient’s quality of life compared to the correct treatment.

Our experience and track record allows us to have strategic allies located internationally, achieving great access to medicines directly from reliable manufacturers or distributors. In the same way, complying with our quality policy and good practices, we seek that each link guarantees and protects the integrity of the product, as well as the appropriate logistical management for delivery to the patient or doctors.

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