Specialty Medicine

We meet the demand for specialized medicines

We offer access to high-quality and specialty pharmaceutical products globally. Our specialized pharmaceutical supply service is backed by our team with ethics, human quality and operational excellence.

We have strategic allies worldwide who validate our experience and trajectory, and from whom we obtain access to specialized drugs directly from manufacturers or distributors with the highest quality standards.

We ensure the integrity of the product, as well as the optimal logistics management for delivery to the patient or to specialists, all based on our quality policies and good practices.

Who relies on our non-registered and / or specialized prescription drug supply service?

Hospitals / Clinics

Medical wholesalers

Medical importers

Medical distributors

Specialty pharmacies

Government entities

How do we provide specialty pharmaceuticals?

Important: to access our service...


Remember that as payer / importer of the medicine you must comply with all the requirements established by the law of your country, as well as with local permits to import medicines in short supply.


Customs agencies and transport companies have different procedures that must be taken into account, don't forget.

Learn about the categories of specialized drugs we handle*:

*Based on ATC Codec (Anatomical, Therapeutic, Chemical classification system) ; instituted by the World Health Organization.

Alimentary tract and metabolism

Blood and hematopoietic organs

Cardiovascular system


Genitourinary system and hormones

Systemic hormonal preparations, excluding sex hormones and insulins

Anti-infectives for systemic use

Antineoplastics and immunomodulators

Musculoskeletal system

Nervous system

Antiparasitics, insecticides and repellants

Respiratory system

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