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We are working hard

We are addressing global shortages of key personal protective equipment, hospital supplies, and pharmaceutical products related to the actual crisis. We understand these products will be in high demand. As this situation creates considerable challenges that cause disruptions to supply chain operations, our main priority is to work closely with you and with our suppliers to facilitate access to the products you need as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. We deliver anywhere in the world, accommodating most orders via charter, cargo plane and commercial airlines.

Our product catalog below is updated regularly as new products become available. For the most up to date information regarding availability, pricing, larger quantities or special requests, please contact us directly.

    All our suppliers comply with CE, FDA, and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Standards and Regulations. We conduct audits and inspections of facilities, and upon request we perform inspections of raw materials and large orders.

    Pharmaxis Group has partnered with ArkResponse

    To supply high-quality Personal Protective Equipment at the best price. ArkResponse works with healthcare partners around the world to mobilise a critical response to the actual crisis using its network of political and global business families.

    If you want more information about ArkResponse visit