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We can help you get the therapy you need through one of our business categories

Named patient supply
Enable healthcare professionals, on behalf of their patients, to access medicines...
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Medicines shortages supply
We can source globally to health care providers, wholesalers, distributors an alternative medicine...
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Managed access programs
Managed Access Programs allow pharmaceutical and biotech companies...
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Pharmaxis intends to represent international brands looking to expand their territories.
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We provide access to high-quality, non-available medicines in your territory

We deliver anywhere in the world to hospitals, healthcare providers, governments, distributors, facing patient unmet needs.


Why can't I find the therapy that I need?

Governments worldwide have performed huge efforts to improve patient coverage for their health systems.

These programs include easy access to most of the medicines used for some treatments focused on high-prevalence diseases (i.e. the number of individuals affected by a disease in a given period of time), which are commonly known and studied. This leads to the creation of programs that aim to prevent these diseases, as they are considered a public concern that could affect most of the population.