Managed Access Programs

Managed Access Programs allow pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide their pre-approval drugs in order to address the needs of patients affected by life-threatening, long-lasting or seriously debilitating illnesses. Making such medicines available to eligible patients allows companies to do the right thing and handle unsolicited patient requests for drugs in an ethical and regulated manner.

Once the drug becomes commercially available in those countries, patients who have been supplied through the Managed Access Programs will then switch to the commercial supply of the drug  before it becomes commercially available, while sharing their experience with their product with physicians and healthcare providers. As a company we are devoted to granting the best alternative available in the market.

This often means that patients living in less-developed or less well-connected parts of the world, like Africa or South America, do not have the ability to access the trial, unless they are willing and financially able to relocate to a trial country. MAP or Managed Access Programs allows pharma companies to provide drugs to these patients when they are desperate and have no other treatment options available to them.

There may be instances where a patient can face a serious life-threatening disease or condition that affects their quality of life. In order to participate in a Managed Access Program,  a request must be submitted by the treating physician on behalf of the patient.

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